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Floragyn - Gel vaginale
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Floragyn - Gel vaginale

Lactobacillus vaginal gel Vaginal moistening, moisturising, lubricating and perfuming
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Floragyn - Gel vaginale
Floragyn Gel contains:

· glycerine and amphoteric cleanser in the right concentration, providing the gel with the necessary moisturising and lubricating properties,

· hydrolysed elastin,

· lactobacillus lysates – Bulgaricus – Acidophylus - Biphidus – Thermophylus, which guarantee effective protection from external agents able to cause inflammations,

· chlorexidine digluconate which performs its antibacterial action on a very wide range of gram positives and gram negative bacteria, as well as on viral and mycotic forms,

· vitamin A, which increases the resistance of the mucous membrane to local infection, whilst also combating localised itching.

Floragyn Gel definitely resolves the problem of vaginal dryness, keeping the vagina pleasant and scented. Thanks to its gel formulation, Floragyn Gel produces excellent results without causing the typical problems caused by the use of oily substances.

Floragyn Gel is a gynaecological product developed for women who suffer from vaginal dryness of different varying origins, whether it is occasional or chronic. Vaginal dryness is an underestimated phenomenon, which is often kept concealed by women themselves to doctors. The physiological causes of vaginal dryness vary greatly among individuals and are often related to the psychology of the woman herself such as varying stress or anxiety and unsatisfactory sexual life.

Other causes of dryness may be due to menopause, menstrual cycle, use of drugs, presence of inflammatory diseases in the vagina and/or use of not suitable vaginal cleansing products.

In all these cases, the use of Floragyn Gel re-establishes the physiological parameters of the mucous membrane and helps to reduce, during sexual intercourses, the barriers due to dryness which do no aloud a perfect harmony within the couple.

Retail format: 6 x 9 ml single-doses
Use Directions:
Floragyn vaginal gel can be sprayed a whole bottle, best night after Floragyn vaginal lavage
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